UW CSE457 Autumn 2000

Animator Artifacts

To run the animations:

Contest Winners

First Place: Sean Smith & Catherine Pachowski (365k)

Second Place: Luke Meyers and Peter Giles (38.8M)

Third Place: Phil Hoffman and Mike Martin (69.6M)

Fourth Place: Isaac Nichols and Justin Husted (50.2M)

Fifth Place: Joe Hall and Jon Borchardt (13.7M)

Other Artifacts

Shiori Betzler and Fang Yung (1.3M)

Kevin Chan and Michael Beal (403k)

Jeremy Coriell (1.0M)

Emily Dang and Sara Su (1.3M)

Daniel Dunham and Olga Veselova (428k)

Owen Garmire and Chia-Yang Hung (1.3M)

Jeremy Hance and Garrett Miles (428k)

Chun Hung and Ben Chao (854k)

Peter Jantz and Nick Noack (12.6M)

Kris Martin and Ho Joon Lim (33.8M)

Brian Lenz and Mark Christiansen (572k)

Darrick Lew and Mark Verrey (3.1M)

Brent Mikasa and Geoffrey Beers (570k)

Scott Sheehan and David Dorwin (503k)

Bret Sherman and Brett Kotschwar (12.2M)

John Simons (8.3M)

Boris Startsev and Rabi Lahiri (15.0M)

Marc Templin and Brian Smith (6.6M)

Nelson To (9.2M)

Danny Tran and Josh Doubleday (15.3M)

Chris Twigg and Chris Kaukl (322k)

Chris Waterman and Todd Detwiler (811k)