CSE 591 Computer Graphics




Required text

Supplemental texts

Copies of the supplemental texts are in the graphics instructional lab.  Please, please do not remove these books from the lab under any circumstances.


(A "+" denotes an area in which extra credit can be earned.)

We will drop your lowest grade on the quizzes and homeworks. Homeworks and projects are due before class begins. You are permitted a total of four late days on projects and homeworks throughout the quarter. After that, the grade on the late assignment will be reduced by 33% for each day it is late, and no extra credit will be awarded.

For each project you will also be required to create an artifact. The artifacts will be assembled into a web page, and we will all vote for our favorites. The top artifacts earn some extra credit.


There will be four projects and a final animation. Each project will require you to make substantial extensions to an existing interactive graphical application. The projects we have in mind are:

1 Impressionist An interactive impressionistic paint system, similar in spirit to Paul Haeberli's The Impressionist.
2 Modeler A hierarchical model containing various animated movements that can be triggered by a user.
3 Trace A program to create beautiful raytraced images of your models, complete with shadows, reflections, and transparent effects.
4 Animator An interactive keyframe animation system, used to animate your model from the Modeler project.

You will have two weeks for each project. During the last week of class, you will be using your keyframe animation system (Project #4) to create a final animation of your models from Project #2.

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