CSE 591 Computer Graphics

Course Calendar

Here is a rough estimate of how the class will proceed. The quiz dates and assignment deadlines are firm, but the lecture dates may move around a bit:

Week Date Lecture Topic Milestone
1 March 26 Introduction, visual perception, color Homework #0 assigned
2 April 2 Color, displays Homework #0 due
Impressionist project assigned
3 April 9 Image processing and graphics programming Homework #1 assigned
4 April 16 Geometric transformations; hierarchical modeling Impressionist due before class
Impressionist artifact due Thursday
Modeler project assigned
5 April 23 Projections; hidden surface removal Homework #1 due
6 April 30 Shading, ray tracing Modeler project due before class
Modeler artifact due Thursday
Trace project assigned
7 May 7 Ray tracing, texturing Quiz
Homework #2 assigned
8 May 14 Curves, Particle systems Trace project due before class
Trace artifact due Thursday
Animator project assigned
9 May 21 Surfaces, Animation principles Homework #2 due
10 May 28 Memorial day Animator project due on Wed
11 June 4 Special topics Quiz
Final animations due by 10am

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