Welcome to Computer Architecture with Prof. Luis Ceze A portrait of Luis. Your TAs are Pratyush Patel and Gus Smith!

Course Overview


This is the planned lecture schedule. It will get filled in as we go, so please check back.

Each week there will be several suggested readings, including some textbook chapters and influential research papers. Some lectures there will be a required reading (bolded), which you will need to submit a commentary on. This should be just a paragraph describing what you found most interesting, surprising, or asking questions that you have. These commentaries should be submitted to Canvas before the following lecture.

Date Topic & Readings HW
January 8

Intro / Metrics / ISA

January 15th

ISA / Pipelining Review / Branch Prediction

January 22

Branch Prediction / Superscalar / Dynamic Scheduling

January 29

Dynamic Scheduling / Multithreading / Memory Hierarchy

February 5

Memory Hierarchy / Prefetching / Virtual Memory / NVRAM / Meltdown

February 12

Cache Coherence / Memory Consistency Models

February 19

Transactional Memory / Dennard Scaling / Dark Silicon / Specialization / ML Specialization / FPGAs

February 26

Deep Learning Compilers /

March 4

GPU guest lecture by Brad Beckmann (AMD)

March 11

Datacenter-Scale Systems / Real Systems Dissection / Technology Trends and Alternative Computing Methods