Lecture Archives

On the day after the lecture, video archives will be posted here. The Presentation video shows the image from the instructor's laptop. The speaker video is an image of the speaker.

Date Lecture Video Archive
Presentation Video Speaker Video
3/29/2016 Lecture 1 YouTube MP4
4/5/2016 Lecture 2 YouTube MP4
4/12/2016 Lecture 3 YouTube MP4
4/19/2016 Lecture 4 YouTube MP4
4/26/2016 Lecture 5 YouTube MP4
5/3/2016 Lecture 6 YouTube MP4
5/10/2016 Lecture 7 YouTube MP4
5/17/2016 Lecture 8 YouTube MP4
5/24/2016 Lecture 9 YouTube MP4
5/31/2016 Lecture 10 YouTube MP4

Live Streamed Lectures

Lectures may also be streamed live.