Agreement for use of the

2005 TREC Public Spam Corpus

By clicking "I accept this agreement" below, in consideration of the right to download and use the information designated as the 2005 TREC Public Spam Corpus,
I (hereafter referred to as "Downloader") agree to be subject to the following understandings, terms and conditions. These understandings, terms and conditions apply equally to all or to part of the information.

Permitted Uses
  1. The information may only be used for research and development of email, natural-language-processing, information-retrieval or document-understanding systems.
  2. Summaries, analyses and interpretations of the linguistic properties of the information may be derived and published, provided it is not possible to reconstruct the information from these summaries.
  3. Small excerpts of the information may be displayed to others or published in a scientific or technical context, solely for the purpose of describing the research and development and related issues. Any such use shall not infringe on the rights of any third party including, but not limited to, the authors and publishers of the excerpts.
  4. The disclosure of personal information that may be contained in or derived from this corpus is prohibited.
  1. The copyright holders retain ownership and reserve all rights pertaining to the use and distribution of the information.
  2. Except as specifically permitted above and as necessary to use and maintain the integrity of the information on computers used by Downloader; the display, reproduction, transmission, distribution or publication of the information is prohibited. Violations of the copyright restrictions on the information may result in legal liability.
Assumption of Risk
  1. This corpus may contain  computer viruses, fraudulent solicitations, and other damaging material.  The material should not be viewed with an ordinary file browser, email client, or web client.
  2. Virus checking software may corrupt the data in this corpus, or prevent it from being copied or transmitted.
  3. Downloader asserts that he or she is aware of the risks posed by the data contained in this corpus, will exercise due caution, and will hold harmless the authors and distributors of the corpus for any damage it may cause.
  4. Downloader acknowledges that this corpus is made available without warranty of any kind.

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