By downloading or making any use of the KDD CUP 2000 data ("Cup Data") I agree as follows:

The Cup Data is proprietary and confidential information to Blue Martini Software, Inc. ("Blue Martini").
I agree not to share the data and acknowledge that my use of the Cup Data is subject to the terms and conditions that follow:

  1. Any work utilizing the Cup Data must clearly acknowledge Blue Martini.
    For presentations (e.g., slides), acknowledgment must be with first use.
    For papers, the acknowledgment section must state:

We wish to thank Blue Martini Software for contributing the KDD Cup 2000 data.

For papers with a bibliography section, the reference should be to the following paper (a PDF is available here):

Ron Kohavi, Carla Brodley, Brian Frasca, Llew Mason, and Zijian Zheng.  KDD-Cup 2000 organizers' report: Peeling the onion. SIGKDD Explorations, 2(2):86-98, 2000.

The bibtex entry is:

author = {Ron Kohavi and Carla Brodley and Brian Frasca and Llew Mason and Zijian Zheng},
title = {{KDD-Cup} 2000 Organizers' Report:  Peeling the Onion},
journal = {SIGKDD Explorations},
volume = {2},
number = {2},
pages = {86--98},
note = {},
year = 2000}

  1. The first submission and final text of any written work utilizing the Cup Data must be sent to Blue Martini along with the date and title of the publication where such work will appear. E-mail copies are preferred and should be sent to

The address for mail correspondence is

KDD Cup 2000 c/o Ronny Kohavi
Blue Martini Software, Inc.
2600 Campus Drive
San Mateo California, 94403

  Note that this mail or e-mail is for tracking purposes.  No approval is required by Blue Martini as long as the above conditions are met.

Results derived from the data can be used in papers, presentations, training courses, tutorials, articles, etc. I acknowledge that all information is provided to me "AS IS" and I agree to indemnify Blue Martini for any and all damages that result from any breach of this agreement.

This agreement and its terms shall continue in perpetuity and be construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of California without reference to conflict of laws principles.

I accept the above legal agreement.


I do not accept the above legal agreement.