Video Chapters for CSEP 546, Spring 2012, Lecture 8

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Chapter 1: Boosting: The DetailsStream, Get
Chapter 2: Error-Correcting Output CodingStream, Get
Chapter 3: StackingStream, Get
Chapter 4: Learning TheoryStream, Get
Chapter 5: "No Free Lunch" TheoremsStream, Get
Chapter 6: Practical Consequences of "No Free Lunch"Stream, Get
Chapter 7: Bias and VarianceStream, Get
Chapter 8: Bias-Variance Decomposition for Squared LossStream, Get
Chapter 9: General Bias-Variance DecompositionStream, Get
Chapter 10: Bias-Variance Decomposition for Zero-One LossStream, Get
Chapter 11: Bias and Variance for Other Loss FunctionsStream, Get
Chapter 12: PAC LearningStream, Get
Chapter 13: How Many Examples Are Enough?Stream, Get
Chapter 14: Examples and Definition of PAC LearningStream, Get