Video Chapters for CSEP 546, Spring 2012, Lecture 7

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Chapter 1: Gradient Descent (Continued)Stream, Get
Chapter 2: Gradient Descent vs. Perceptron TrainingStream, Get
Chapter 3: Stochastic Gradient DescentStream, Get
Chapter 4: Multilayer PerceptronsStream, Get
Chapter 5: BackpropagationStream, Get
Chapter 6: Issues in BackpropagationStream, Get
Chapter 7: Learning Hidden Layer RepresentationsStream, Get
Chapter 8: Expressiveness of Neural NetworksStream, Get
Chapter 9: Avoiding Overfitting in Neural NetworksStream, Get
Chapter 10: Model EnsemblesStream, Get
Chapter 11: BaggingStream, Get
Chapter 12: Boosting: The BasicsStream, Get