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Philip Bernstein (philbe@microsoft.com)

Teaching Assistant
Yana Kadiyska (yana@cs.washington.edu)
Office: Sieg 425
Office Hours: Upon Request

Meeting Time
Thursday 6:30 pm - 9:20 pm,

Live: Microsoft Building 113, Room 1159 http://www.research.microsoft.com/aboutmsr/visitmsr/redmond
Students who are attending the course at Microsoft and are not Microsoft employees: The building will be locked. If you're on time, please wait for a student who is a Microsoft employee to let you in. If you arrive late, call the classroom (425-707-3090). From the wall phone outside the main door of building 113, just dial 73090

Remote (videoconference): Sieg 322

Principles of Transaction Processing,Philip A. Bernstein and Eric Newcomer, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 1997

Video Archives of Lectures
Lecture video and presentation are archived and available here.

CSE 545 E-mail Group
The email list for this class is Csep545. It is the general class mailing list--you should all subscribe to it.

(Click the link to subscribe) Project support:
The Java project message board
The C# project message board.

Access to the boards is through your UW NetID(not your CS login).

Instructions on using the boards can be found at http://catalyst.washington.edu/student/EPost.html

All e-mail to these lists is archived. Mail is restricted to the subscribers of the list (in the interest of avoiding spam) so be careful to use the account which you used to subscribe.

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