Page last updated: November 29, 1999

Using the O2 OODBMS

If you're interested in experimenting with O2, please feel free to do so. The first thing you'll need is X Windows. If you don't have it, a very nice version from WRQ (Reflection X) is available free to PMP students; just follow this link. Use X Windows to connect to and login as "cse594", password "cse594". Please don't change the password! You'll share this account with your classmates.

Once in, you can examine the demo database we used in class by typing the command "o2 -system demo -toolsgraphic &". Please don't make any changes to this database. If you want to change things, go to a different "system" by typing "o2 -system cse594 -toolsgraphic &" and creating your own schema and base, then some classes and data.

To examine the demo database: Once the main O2 window appears (give it at least 60 seconds), click the "Schemas" button, then scroll down in the "Schemas" half of the window and select "SienaSchema" and then select "SienaBase" from the "Bases" half of the window. From the "Bases" menu, select "Set" then use the "Window" menu's "Close" option to exit the Schema Browser. From there, click on "Classes", "Names", or "Apps" as we did in class.

To create your own database, follow this link for further instructions.