Project Phase II


You will partner with two other students to form peering relationships between the inventory applications you built in the first part of the project. You will in effect construct a single, decentralized peer-to-peer inventory system for a wide variety of products.

Your database back-end and web front-end will stay largely the same. Your web service product lookup API will be modified to accept an additional recursion depth limit parameter. Your web service implementation forms database queries as before. However, your web service should also consult its remote peers as follows:

Each of you should form pairs with two other students. Please submit your pairing choices to Stefan on or before Friday May 7. Try to avoid cycles - Stefan will review the pairing choices, break cycles and reduce the number of disconnected peering graph components.



You need to turn in a zipped archive using the turn-in server web form. The due date is May 24, 17:45. The archive contents should be as follows:


Grading will be based on your success in forming and implementing your peering relationships. The fewer changes you make to your existing implementation, the better.


Send your questions to Stefan, Alon or the course mailing list.