Project Phase I


You will build a complete database application with a web service interface and a simple web-based front end. You have considerable freedom in defining your application, but it must be some kind of an inventory management tool. As such, it should observe the following constraints:

You therefore need to take the following steps:

  1. Decide and describe the specific purpose of your application.
  2. Model the inventory, derive a database schema and create the tables.
  3. Populate the inventory database with data of your own making.
  4. Expose the database as a web service.
  5. Design the web front end, including browsing and updates.
  6. Implement the front end in terms of the web service.



You need to turn in a zipped archive using the turn-in server web form. The due date is May 3 (not April 26th) 17:45. The archive contents should be as follows:

Database tables should be handed in as comma-delimited text files in the Excel-compatible CSV format. Other file formats may be PDF, plain text or HTML.


Grading will be based on your skill in applying the data management techniques discussed in lecture, and the quality of your design, implementation and project presentation. The application will be accessed at the supplied URL, and checked against the code listings - you must not change the running code after the turn-in. Approach the project as a prototype to be demonstrated to a client and you'll do well (even more so if you assume the client is pedantic about database stuff).


Send your questions to Stefan, Alon or the course mailing list.