Posted 5/21:

Philip A. Bernstein, Applying Model Management to Classical Meta Data Problems, CIDR 2003.

Sergey Melnik, Erhard Rahm, Philip A. Bernstein, Developing Metadata-Intensive Applications with Rondo, Journal of Web Semantics, vol. 1 issue 1, Dec. 2003.

Posted 4/29:
Folks -- as I said in class, we'll be covering the internals of database systems in the next two weeks. The books spends a mere 400 pages on the topic, but below I point out a subset of it that is suggested reading. Some of them can just be skimmed (as noted).

Chapter 11: skim 11.1-11.3, read 11.4

Chapter 13:
       read 13.1 only until 13.1.4
       read 13.2-end (the stuff in 13.4.5 is useful, but won't be covered in class).

Chapter 15: read until 15.5, but
                    15.2 skim
                    15.4: only 15.4.5--15.4.7
                    15.5: only 15.5.5-15.5.6
                    15.6: only 15.6.3-15.6.4

Chapter 16: read 16.1-16.6, but
                    skim 16.1
                    skip (yes, SKIP) 16.4.7
                    skim 16.7

Posted 4/21:

Next monday we'll cover relational algebra and XML data management. 
The readings in the book are:

5.1-5.3 for relational algebra
4.6-4.7 for XML.

The book doesn't cover XML at the same level of detail as I will. 
In particular, it doesn't talk about query languages for XML which I will cover. 
You can poke around the following URL for information on XQuery:


For lecture 4/19: Sections 6.6, 6.7, 7 and 8.1