DB-Application Projects

Group Name


Project Description


Greg Strylewicz

Safeco stadium ticketing app

Document Indexing Services

Winfred Wong

A system for content indexing of documents


Luke Zhang

A File List Database system, storing data in XML format and using XQuery to query the data

Video Rental Management System

Wesley Yang
Olivia Yang

Web appliation for video rental stores

Digital Photo Album

Dan Walther

Picture cataloging/querying


Niniane Wang
Bruno Denuit

System helping people increase productivity by scheduling activities based on pesonal eating/sleeping habits

Children Learning Tools (CLT)

Alia Nabawy
Ahmad Abdulkader

DB for parents and teachers about educational tools kids K-12

Object-Relational Mapping Tool

Carlos Garcia Jurado Suarez
Vinay P Vaidya

Code generation tool for persisting java objects in a relational db

Selecting you IPO Underwriter

Matthew Weaver
Erik Jansen

A db resource of recent IPO transactions enabling the prospective CEO to evaluate the performance of various underwriters

Airplane DB

Parmita Mehta

Airplane db for info on different models

Employee Expense Reimbursement

Nick Harvey
Scott Imig

System allowing employees to enter expenses remotely

Videogame DB

Meng Tat Fong
Jeffrey Chin

DB support for a video-game retail and rental store

Stock Trading System

Zhenbin Xu
Kai Fu

A system that makes automatic trading decisions based on a technical analysis

Online Collaborative Concordance

Will Kallander
David Beeman

A system allowing users to collaborate on creating a thematic concordance of a printed book

Assistive Employment Tool

Daniel Parshall
Anandhi Somasekaran

DB app to support job search services for people with disabilities


Bharad Anjur
Yazheng Cheng

A book lending application

Enological Innovations

Diana Bullion
Steve Arnold

An interactive system for wine connoisseurs to manage their wine inventories


Prema Agarwal
Susan Greenwood

A powerful XML-based db app to maintain an inventory of music collection


Brad Struss

Ad Agency Tracking System

Gold Rush

Carlos Arguelles
Brent Scriver

Database solutions to an emailer

Lottery Ticket Management System

Leon Lee
Jim Xiao

Management system for Canadian Lotto 6/49 style lottery

Vehicle Maintenance Tracker

Richard Jackson

System for tracking vehicle repairs and maintenance info

Online Bill Payment Emulation System

Bing Wu
Dajun Xu

Provide a secure and efficient way for customers to pay bills to vendors, such as telephone or cable companies

Human Resource System

Karen Luong
Chen Zhou

A system assisting companies to maintain consistent human resource data


Daniel Howe

A databaase application for archiving, viewing, and commenting on digital and internet artwork