CSEP 524, Spring 2015: Homework 4

Due: Wednesday, May 6, end of the day (midnight pacific time).

Please use the dropbox linked from the CSEP 524 web page to submit your homework online. Any common format like text, pdf, doc/docx is fine.

  1. Read Partitioned Global Address Space Languages, by Mattias De Wael, Stefan Marr, Bruno De Fraine, Tom Van Cutsem, and Wolfgang De Meuter. Write a short review and summary of the paper (between a half and a full page, using a reasonable font size). What are your thoughts on the current state of PGAS languages?

  2. Multiple producer, multiple consumer bounded buffer: In Chapel, implement a bounded buffer that may be accessed by any number of consumer tasks and any number of producer tasks. Follow these guidelines: An interface and test code can be found in BoundedBuffer.chpl. P producers produce a total of N elements. C consumers keep consuming until they consume a TERM element. A working solution: Notes: Thanks to Brad Chamberlain for providing this problem!