CSEP 524, Spring 2015: Homework 2

Due: Tuesday, April 14 by 5:00 pm.

Please use the dropbox linked from the CSEP 524 web page to submit your homework online. Any common format like text, pdf, doc/docx is fine.

  1. Read LogP: Towards a Relasitic Model of Parallel Computation, by David Culler, Richard Karp, David Patterson, Abhijit Sahay, Klaus Eric Schauser, Eunice Santos, Ramesh Subramonian, and Thorsten von Eicken. Write a short review and summary of the paper (between a half and a full page, using a reasonable font size). In your review, describe whether or not you think LogP is a good model to target when designing parallel programs. Why or why not? Please also propose one or more discussion questions.

  2. Pick a language and look into its memory consistency model (note that not all languages have one - please pick one that does). The following references are good starting points if you pick Java or C++11 (note that prior to the C++11 standard, C++ didn't have a defined memory consistency model): Then, do one of the following: