CSE 589 Applied Algorithms Spring 1999


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Table of Contents

CSE 589 Applied Algorithms Spring 1999



Engagement by Students

Final Exam and Grading

Some Topics

Along the Way

What We’ll Do Today

Applied Algorithm Scenario


Broadcasting in a Network

Spanning Tree in a Graph

Undirected Graph

Spanning Tree Problem

Depth First Search Algorithm

Example of Depth First Search

Example Step 2

Example Step 3

Example Step 4

Example Step 5

Example Step 6

Example Step 7

Spanning Tree Algorithm

Applied Algorithm Scenario

Evaluation Step Expanded

Correctness of ST Algorithm

Correctness (cont.)

Data Structure Step

Edge List and Adjacency Lists

Adjacency Matrix

Data Structure Choice

Spanning Tree with Adjacency Lists

Performance Step

Performance of ST Algorithm

Other Uses of Depth First Search

Author: Richard E. Ladner

Email: ladner@cs.washington.edu

Home Page: http://www.cs.washington.edu/education/courses/589/CurrentQtr/

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CSE 589: Applied Algorithms

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