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 CSE 589 - Applied Algorithms - Spring 1999
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Spring 1999
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 CSE 589 Autumn 1997
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Teaching Assistant:

Meeting Times:

  • Tuesday and Thursday 6:30 pm - 7:50 pm, EE1 003

CSE 589 E-mail Group

  • To subscribe to the CSE 589 E-mail Group send an e-mail message to majordomo@cs.washington.edu with subscribe cse589 in the body of the message. Your message should be sent from the e-mail account where you want to your class e-mail to arrive. Other commands for majordomo can be found by sending e-mail to majordomo with a blank message body. All e-mail to cse589 is posted in the E-mail Archive.

Final Exam Study Guide

  • This study guide contains the guidelines for the final plus a number of practice problems to work on.
  • Solutions to the practice problems in the Final Exam Study Guide.

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