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Applied Algorithms Anna Karlin, 426C Sieg
CSE 589, Autumn 2000

Extra Credit Project

Proposal due November 13
Project due December 7

The project includes a proposal and a written final report. The purpose of the project is to evaluate alternative approaches to algorithmically solve an applied problem. I am fairly flexible as to exactly what it is though. It may include readings from literature. It may include an implementation study. It may be done in teams of up to 3 people.

There are two documents expected in the project: a one page proposal and a final report. The proposal is due by Monday, November 13. Naturally, the earlier you get your proposal to me the earlier you can start on the project. The final paper is due by Thursday, December 7. Both of these are firm deadlines.

In your proposal you should describe in one page precisely what you are planning to do, and what resources you will be using. You should describe the applied problem that you are interested in. You should list papers that you will read and other resources you plan to use in order to research your applied problem. If you are planning to do an implementation, please describe in some detail what you propose to do. Discuss briefly what techniques you will use to evaluate the algorithms you find or invent. If you are working in a team, then one proposal (and final report) from the team is adequate. In doing your proposal you are welcome to use the web or library resources like INSPEC to find the material you need. I will evaluate each proposal, so it is a good idea to get the proposal to me early so that I can approve it at the earliest possible date.

In your final report, you should describe the alternative algorithms hopefully with illustrative examples. You should describe your evaluation criteria. You should then evaluate your algorithms accordingly. The audience for your paper should be computer professionals with a bachelors degree or equivalent. Your paper should contain proper scholarly citations, and informative title and section headings. If you are doing an implementation, you should be prepared to demo it (and it is your responsibility to make sure that it runs on some machine in Sieg Hall that you have access to or on a laptop that you bring to our meeting). Your paper should describe the implementation, and its performance.

Listed below are a number of examples of applied algorithms problems. I will describe each problem briefly to give you some inspiration. However, it is your job to find the resources where algorithms are found to solve the problem. Naturally, I or Ashish can give some guidance to help get you started, but in the end you are responsible for finding the papers and other resources. You are not required to choose your project from this list - these are just examples. The problems listed below are quite general. Part of your job will be to focus on just a few papers that are interesting, accessible with your background, and include the topic.

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Ashish Sabharwal