CSE 589PM, Autumn 2000

A sample of companies that sell products that use various algorithms:

Note: This material is taken from Algorithms in the "Real World"

  • Fluent (Rampant). Delaunay Triangulation.

    "Simple, fast and highly automated mesh generation using state-of-the-art Delaunay triangulation which produces optimal mesh quality."

  • CPLEX. Linear programming.

    "CPLEX's linear and mixed-integer programming solvers are known for superior performance and reliability, particularly on large or difficult problems.

  • Terratech Mapping Services. Shortest Path and traveling salesman.

    "The Vehicle Routing Utilities can help you plan depot locations, vehicle journeys and fleet operations to reduce vehicle operation costs, improve customer service, reduce expenditure and determine catchment areas. Utilities solve Shortest Path and Traveling Salesman problems. For Shortest Path, travel times and distances are calculated and the streets can be listed. The Traveling Salesman function outputs the order of visits, travel times and distances together with driving instructions. The Isochrone Generator displays vehicle coverage areas against time from a first location, or any number of fixed locations."

  • CAPS Logistics. Flow problems and Linear programming.

    "The TOOLKIT makes quick work of all your routing and scheduling tasks. In minutes you can plan fixed, master and dynamic routes, prioritized by customers and orders. Routing data and maps are seamlessly integrated to make editing easy. And powerful interactive functions, such as "lassoing," let you zero in on particular groups of customers. For improved dispatching, the TOOLKIT also provides multiple routing algorithms to help you minimize distance, cost and time. "

  • The IBM Optimization Subroutine Library (OSL)

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