Group Members

Ben Andrews
Charles Dorner


When we began the BeanPay project we wanted to solve the problem of complexity in the personal budget space. We began by asking the question – How can budgeting be simplified such that the barrier of entry increases the likelihood of actively managing ones budget. This is a difficult problem to solve and there are many attempting – Google, Microsoft, Apple, Mint, to name a few.

After some contextual inquiry we realized there is a twofold problem – Firstly, the current payment system is outdated and not integrated well with technology, and secondly there is a significant delay in the feedback loop between making a purchase and seeing the balance sheet. Many existing solutions are setup for long term management of all aspects of personal finance such as loans, incomes retirement etc. But we wanted a solution that focused on the day to day transactions and discretionary spending. So BeanPay set out to solve a twofold problem – On the one hand improve the payment system, and on the other improve the availability of data needed for a user to make sound budget decisions.

Contextual Inquiry

Contextual Inquiry Paper

Final Paper

Final Paper

BeanPay Interactive Prototype

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