CSEP 510 - Human-Computer Interaction

Time and Location:

Winter 2009

Wednesday, 6:30 to 9:20

EEB 037


Co-Instructor James Fogarty: http://www.cs.washington.edu/homes/jfogarty/

Co-Instructor Daniel Widgor: http://www.wigdor.com/daniel/

Teaching Assistant Sean Liu: http://www.cs.washington.edu/homes/sysliu/

Email all three of us at: cse510p hyphen instr at cs dot washington dot edu


There will typically be several readings assigned for each day of class. This course will be based on those readings, individual assignments, and a quarter-long group iterative design project.

Class discussions should be informal and enjoyable, as it is important that everybody feel comfortable commenting and offering their insight.

This Catalyst dropbox will be the primary mechanism for assignment submission: https://catalysttools.washington.edu/collectit/dropbox/jaf1978/8508

We have also created a Catalyst forum that will be used throughout the quarter, and which we encourage you to use for discussion: https://catalysttools.washington.edu/gopost/board/jaf1978/14602/

A form for submitting anonymous feedback is available at: https://catalysttools.washington.edu/umail/form/jaf1978/2591


All information on this calendar is currently subject to revision.




Jan 6


Overview and Problem Brainstorming

No Readings Due. Class includes Discussion of:

Katzenbach, J.R. and Smith, D.K. The Discipline of Teams. [local html]

Tischler, L. 2001. Seven Secrets to Good Brainstorming and Six Surefire Ways to Kill a Brainstorm. [local pdf]

Pointers to Assist with Project Proposals:

Top Choice Brainstorming Results

Additional Brainstorming Results

Examples of Previously Successful Project Proposals

Final Posters of Previous Projects

Project Websites from Previous Course

Project Proposal Released

Photocopier Released

Jan 13


History and User Testing

Bush, V. (1945). As We May Think. Atlantic Monthly. [available online]

Gomoll, Kathleen. (1992). Some Techniques for Observing Users. From The Art of Human-Computer Interface Design, 85-90. [local pdf]

Rettig, Marc. (1994). Prototyping for Tiny Fingers. Communications of the ACM (CACM), 37(4), 21-27. [local pdf]

Snyder, Carolyn. (2003). Paper Prototyping, Chapter 4. [local pdf]

Nielsen Norman Group. Paper Prototyping: A How-To Video. [local mov] [local wmv]

Project Proposal Due

Contextual Inquiry, Tasks, and Design Sketches Assigned

Jan 20


Design as Exploration, Contextual Inquiry, and Task-Based Design

Buxton, B. Sketching User Experiences. pp. 135-151. [local pdf]

Beyer, H. and Holtzblatt, K. Contextual Design. Chapter 3. [local pdf]

Photocopier Due

Group Formation Due

Jan 27


Inspection-Based Evaluation

Lewis, Clayton and Rieman, John. (1993). Evaluating the Design without Users. [local html]

Jakob Nielsen. (2005). Heuristic Evaluation.

Feb 3


Human Performance and Group Critiques

No Readings Due.

Tasks and Initial Sketches Due for Critiques

Feb 10

Project Presentations: Problem, Inquiry, and Sketches

No Readings Due.

Contextual Inquiry, Tasks, and Sketches Due

Paper Prototyping, Testing, and Interactive Prototype Assigned

Feb 17


Design of Everyday Things and Rapid Prototyping Methods

Design of Everything Things, Chapters 1 to 7

Beaudouin-Lafon, M. and Mackay, W.E. Prototyping Tools and Techniques. [local pdf]

Pointer from Class:

Video Prototypes Directory

Hall of Fame and Shame Assigned

Hall of Fame and Shame PPT Template

Feb 24


Future Interaction and Why Design is Important

Weiser, M. (1991). The Computer for the 21st Century. Scientific American, 1(3), pp. 94-104.[local pdf]

Paper Prototyping and Testing Due

Mar 3


Experimentation, Patterns, and "Usability Evaluation Considered Harmful"

Kohavi, R., Henne, R.M., and Sommerfield, D. (2007). Practical Guide to Controlled Experiments on the Web: Listen to Your Customers not to the HiPPO. Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD 2007), 959-967. [local pdf]

Greenberg, S. and Buxton, B. (2008). Usability Evaluation Considered Harmful (Some of the Time). Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2008), 111-120. [local pdf]

Pointer from Class:

Hall of Fame and Shame Submissions

Hall of Fame and Shame Due

Mar 10

Project Presentations: Final

Final Report and Presentation Due