CSE P 506 – Concurrency (Spring 2011)

Day/Time: Tuesday 6:30-9:20 pm;

Place: UW: Paul G. Allen Center for CS&E, Room 305; MS: Building 99/room 1915

Course Description

This course will focus on programming parallel/concurrent applications emphasizing a tool-based approach to performance and correctness.

Topics include:

  1. Programming patterns for parallelism and concurrency

  2. Performance pitfalls and solutions

  3. Correctness criteria:

  4. Data-race freedom

  5. Atomicity

  6. Linearizability

  7. Determinism

  8. Advanced topics

  9. Memory models

  10. Deterministic programming models

Course Staff

Instructor: Madan Musuvathi (Microsoft Research) madanm@u.washington.edu

TA: Kıvanç Muşlu kivanc@cs.washington.edu

Course mailing list: CSEP506m_sp11. Subscribe here.

Schedule (subject to change)

Recommended Textbooks

The Art of Multiprocessor Programming

Link: Amazon Page

Patterns for Parallel Programming

Link: Amazon Page

Parallel Programming with Microsoft .NET

Link: Codeplex Page


Alpaca can be downloaded here.