Professional Masters Degree Program

CSE 584: Software Engineering, Spring 1997

Instructor: David Notkin (

Meeting: Tuesdays, 6:30-9:30pm, Sieg Hall 226

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Please keep in mind that this document is not static, and that new information will be added frequently (particularly to the Announcements section). If you have any questions or comments about this document, send mail to notkin@cs.

The basic introductory material is in the course outline. Here are a few high-level notes (some but not all covered in the outline):

Course Outline Handout

Lecture Outline

  1. 4/1/97, Introduction (Slides)
  2. 4/8/97, Design fundamentals (Slides)
  3. 4/15/97, Modern issues in design and architecture (Slides)
  4. 4/22/97, Software maintenance and evolution I (Slides)
  5. 4/29/97, Software maintenance and evolution II (Slides shared with lecture 4)
  6. 5/6/97, Requirements and specification I (Slides)
  7. 5/13/97, Requirements and specification II (Slides)
  8. 5/27/97 Quality assurance and testing I (Slides)
  9. 6/3/97, Quality assurance and testing II (Slides)
  10. 6/10/97, Final examination



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