CSE584: Software Engineering Lecture 1: Introduction & Overview


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CSE584: Software Engineering Lecture 1: Introduction & Overview



But I do want some basics


Your undergraduate experience?

Intent of course

Lots of differences among you

My metric for success

Another key intent

Possible impediments

Other possible impediments?

Tichy’s main impediment

Software is increasing critical to society

Absolute sizes

How I spend my time

Delivered source lines per person

Inherent & accidental complexity

“The Software Crisis”

Some classic “crisis” issues

Notkin’s view—“mostly hogwash”

Software engineering is a “wicked problem”

Other problems

Law XXIII, Norman Augustine [Wulf]

Dominant discipline

Notkin’s Top 10 Observations

1. Don’t assume similarity among software systems

2. Intellectual tools dominate software tools in importance

3. Analogies to “real” engineering are fun but risky

Aside: should software engineers be licensed?

4. Estimating benefits is easier than estimating costs

5. Programming languages ensure properties distant from the ones we want

6. The total software lifecyle cost will always be 100%

7. Software engineering is engineering

8. Tradeoffs are key, but we’re not very good at them

9. It’s good to (re)read anything by Brooks, Jackson & Parnas

10. Researcher ? Practitioner

Overview—five topics

What’s omitted? Lots

Requirements & specification (2 lectures)

Design (2 lectures)

Evolution (2 lectures)

Analyses and Tools (2 lectures)

Quality assurance (1 lecture)

Anything else?

Overview of course work

Grading: Let’s make a deal


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