Lecture Archives

On the day after the lecture, video archives will be posted here.

Date/Lecture Video
3/27/2018, Lecture 1 YouTube
4/3/2018, Lecture 2 YouTube
4/10/2018, Lecture 3 YouTube
4/17/2018, Lecture 4 YouTube
4/24/2018, Lecture 5 YouTube
5/1/2018, Lecture 6 YouTube
5/8/2018, Lecture 7 YouTube
5/15/2018, Lecture 8 YouTube
5/22/2018, Lecture 9 YouTube
5/29/2018, Lecture 10 YouTube

Note that you can also find course videos by looking directly to our YouTube page. Videos should automatically appear at the top of the "Uploads" a few hours after each lecture is finished. If you are in a hurry, you might find them there a little sooner.

Live Streamed Lectures

Lectures may also be streamed live.