Mobile and Cloud Applications for Emerging Regions

This course is aimed at creating modules for Open Data Kit for immediate application in projects around the world ranging from public health to deforestation monitoring. Final projects can be found here.

Undergraduate students should view the course as a way to learn about programming on Android and AppEngine platforms while having the ability to quickly field test their work. Graduate students will find quals project candidates that could lead to longer-term research projects in HCI, networking, vision, embedded systems, software engineering, etc.


Credits: 4 credits for undergraduate students as CSE490Y (SLN 20583), 3 credits for graduate students as CSE599Y(SLN 20584).

Pre-Requisites: CSE326 or extensive experience with Java programming.

Notes: 5th year Masters students can choose either 490Y or 599Y, but note that the course will not count toward the five course requirement at the 500-level. The course does not count as a "capstone" course for undergraduate CompE majors, but it can be used to meet the CSE Senior Elective requirement for undergraduates.


Classes will be held from 5:00 to 6:20pm in CSE403 for the Weeks 1-5. During Weeks 6-10, individual groups will meet with instructors.


Homework is due one week after they are assigned. They must be uploaded by midnight to our dropbox.

Final grades will be based on homework (30%) and the project (70%). Documentation, design rationale, interaction in group meetings and performance in demos will be graded.


Office hours are in CSE 210 on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4-5.

Instructors Yaw Anokwa (yanokwa@cs) and Carl Hartung (chartung@cs) can be reached via email.

Class specific questions should go to the 599Y mailing list. ODK specific questions should go to the ODK mailing list.