CSE 599, Reinforcement Learning and Bandits, Spring 2019

Your Course Project

Important Dates

Project Guidelines

Projects should be done in groups of 2-3, with the intention of exploring some concept from the class in greater detail. If you cannot find team members for a group, send an email to the instructors. The projects can be of many different forms. They can consist of a reading project that synthesizes several papers on a topic. In several cases, there will be an opportunity to further include additional empirical or theoretical investigations along with a discussion of these papers. We list ideas for a few project topics on this page. Of course, it is okay to do projects on topics not listed here as well.

Project Ideas


The grading of the final project is split amongst two deliverables:

Your final report will be evaluated by the following criteria:

Poster Session

We will hold a poster session in TBD. Each team will be given a stand to present a poster summarizing the project motivation, methodology, and results. The poster session will give you a chance to show off the hard work you put into your project, and to learn about the projects of your peers.

Here are some details on the poster format:

You must submit your poster on Canvas.

Project Report

Your final submission will be a project report on Gradescope. Your write up should be 8 pages maximum in NeurIPS format, not including references. You must use the NIPS LaTex format. You should describe the task you solved, your approach, the algorithms, the results, and the conclusions of your analysis. Note that, as with any conference, the page limits are strict. Papers over the limit will not be considered.