CSE 599 G/H (Autumn 2006)

Selected Topics in Computer Security

Enrollment Options

You may enroll in either CSE 599 G (for a letter grade) or CSE 599 H (for credit/no credit). CSE 599 G and CSE 599 H have slightly different requirements, as described below. I suggest consulting the Ph.D. Requirements and Deadlines webpage before deciding whether to enroll for a letter grade or credit/no credit. CSE 599 G and H are both three-credit courses.

Course Overview

This is a seminar course. In this course we will read, evaluate, and discuss papers from the computer security literature. Most sessions will consist of student presentations. The course requirements include reading the assigned papers, writing short evaluations of these papers, participating in class discussions, and occasionally presenting a paper to the class. If you enroll for a letter grade (CSE 599 G), then you will also do a final project. There will be no written exams in this course.

The following describes the course requirements in more detail:


Course grades will be assigned as follows: