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There will be four assignments, one for each case study. Each assignment contains both theoretical questions and analysis of large datasets, sometimes requiring cluster access.

Students may work in groups although solutions and code must be prepared individually. Additionally, the 3rd assignment "fMRI Prediction" must be completed individually.

Homeworks must be submitted at the beginning of the class on the due day (see below for the due day of each homework). You are allowed to use 2 LATE DAYs throughout the entire quater only for the homeworks.

Click Prediction

Homework 1

Checkpoint: Jan 22 (Tuesday) Only submit your code and results for the Warm Up part for the checkpoint.
Due: Jan 29 (Tuesday)
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Recitation 1 Slides
Recitation 2 Slides

Collaborative Filtering for Netflix

Homework 4

Due: Mar 12 (Tuesday)
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