UW CSE 599 -- Crypto -- Spring 2015

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Course Goals

Rough Syllabus


I anticipate having a short quiz at the beginning of most Wednesday lectures.  My hope is that everyone can get a very good grade on each quiz.  The quizzes should not be too hard, but will serve to help make sure that everyone is on the same page regarding the material covered in the quarter.  To get a good grade on the quizzes:  make sure to understand the definitions presented in previous classes, and also understand some of the basic attacks under those definitions (if any such attacks have been presented in class).


This class will involve a small project.  You have at least two options for this project, though I am also open to discussing other possibilities with people -- if you want to explore something else, please let me know.  


The presentations will either be during class (toward the end of the quarter) or scheduled at other times, depending on how long it takes to cover the main materials of this course.

There will be a mid-quarter project checkpoint.  Details forthcoming, but essentially it will involve a (short) proposal on what you plan to do for your project, due on April 27.


This is an applied cryptography course.  Having some mathematical maturity, including an understanding of (basic) algorithms and probability theory, will be pretty useful.

Non-standard Days

There will be some days that I cannot make it to class.  The following classes won’t happen unless I can find an available guest lecturer:  April 6 (Monday), April 13 (Monday), April 15 (Wednesday), and May 20 (Wednesday).


Much of the material for this course will be taken from these lecture notes and slides:  http://cseweb.ucsd.edu/~mihir/cse207/index.html.  Note that the slides on that website are more up to date than the lecture notes.