Database Group Meeting

Organised by: Magda Balazinska

The Database Group meets every Friday at 12.00pm-12.50pm in CSE 405, Allen Center. We meet to present on-going work in the group and to attend talks by invited speakers.

Upcoming talks are announced on uw-db@cs. Please sign up for the mailing list.


Date Presenter Talk Title
Jan 09 No meeting
Jan 16 Alvin, Jennifer, Magda The CIDR Chronicles
Jan 19, 3:30 - 4:20 PM Anant Bharadwaj, MIT DataHub: A Hosted Platform for Organizing, Managing, Sharing, Collaborating, and Processing Data
Jan 23 Jeremy
Jan 30 Laurel Leveraging GPUs in Industrial Computed Tomography Reconstruction
Feb 06 Shrainik Quals talk
Feb 13 Abdussalam Alawini, PSU Helping Scientists Reconnect their Datasets
Feb 20 Pass over the group website
Mar 27 Lab cleanup!
Mar 06 Jen and Brendan L. 590q: Invisible Glue: Scalable Self-Tuning Multi-Stores, CIDR 2015
Mar 13 Jeremy and Brandon H. Translating Imperative Code to MapReduce

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