Database Group Meeting

Organised by: Dan Suciu and Magda Balazinska

The Database Group meets on Wednesdays at 2.30pm-3.20pm in CSE 405, Allen Center.

This quarter we also invite Alan Gates from Yahoo! and Y.C. Tay from National University of Singapore to talk about their research. Yahoo!, as part of the Yahoo! Database Talk Series, sponsors these talks.

Upcoming talks are announced on uw-db@cs. Please sign up for the mailing list.


Date Presenter Talk Title
Mar 31 YongChul Kwon
Apr 7 Alexandra Meliou Why No and Why So? Causes and Responsibility for Query Answers and Non-Answers
Apr 14 Kate Moore An Evaluation Strategy for Arbitrary Nesting of Queries over a Probabilistic Database
Apr 19(Monday, 1.30pm) Alan Gates Pig, Making Hadoop Easy (Yahoo! DB Talk Series)
Apr 28 No Speaker
May 5 Abhay Jha
May 12 Nodira Khoussainova
May 19 Marianne Shaw
May 26 Y.C. Tay UpSizeR: Synthetically Scaling Up a Given Database State (Yahoo! DB Talk Series)
Jun 2 Wolfgang Gatterbauer

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