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This quarter the Database group meeting will be used mostly for presenting current

research as well as for inviting speakers from outside of CSE UW.


Meetings will be held in CSE 605 Database Lab unless specified otherwise.


 The group meeting is sponsored by Yahoo! as part of the Yahoo! Database Talk Series.


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Tue, Jan 13


Dan Olteanu (Oxford)

Scalable Query Processing in Probabilistic Databases with SPROUT

Wed, Jan 21




Wed, Jan 28


Kate Moore


Wed, Feb 4


Julie Letchner


Thu, Feb 5


Michael Isard

Yahoo! Database Talk Series

DryadLINQ: distributed data-parallel computing using a high-level language

Wed, Feb 11


Chris R

Practice job talk

Wed, Feb 18


Mike Cafarella

Practice job talk

Wed, Feb 25




Wed, Mar 4


Vibhor Rastogi


Wed, Mar 11


YongChul Kwon


Wed, Mar 18






Scalable Query Processing in Probabilistic Databases with SPROUT


In this talk I'll address the problem of query evaluation on probabilistic databases and present an efficient query evaluation technique based on Ordered Binary Decision Diagrams (OBDDs). The connection between various classes of tractable queries and OBDDs that have polynomial sizes and can be found in polynomial time is central to this work and will form the main part of the talk. This technique is implemented in SPROUT, a new query engine that extends the PostgreSQL engine with secondary-storage query evaluation algorithms. Preliminary experiments with 1GB of TPC-H data suggest that SPROUT is up to two orders of magnitude faster than state-of-the-art query evaluation techniques.


Short Bio:

Dan Olteanu joined Comlab in Sept 2007 as a University Lecturer [roughly equivalent to tenure-track Assistant Professor in North America]. Dan holds a Dipl.Ing. in Computer Science from Polytechnic University of Bucharest (Sept 2000) and a PhD in Computer Science from Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (Feb 2005). Before joining Comlab, he was a postdoctoral researcher at Saarland University in Saarbruecken (April 2005 - Aug 2007), a visiting scientist at Cornell University in Ithaca (Fall 2006), and a temporary professor at Ruprecht Karl University in Heidelberg (Summer term 2007).


DryadLINQ: Distributed Data-Parallel Computing Using a High-Level Language

(part of the Yahoo! Database Talk Series)



DryadLINQ is a system and a set of language extensions that enable a new programming model for large scale distributed computing.  It generalizes previous execution environments such as SQL, MapReduce, and Dryad in two ways: by adopting an expressive data model of strongly typed .NET objects; and by supporting general-purpose imperative and declarative operations on datasets within a traditional high-level programming language.


I will outline the design of DryadLINQ, including an introduction to the LINQ programming model, and discuss the tradeoffs in both programming models and implementation strategies that we made with DryadLINQ, compared with parallel SQL and MapReduce.



Michael Isard received his DPhil, in computer vision, from Oxford University in 1998. In 1999 he started work at the Compaq Systems Research Center, and since 2002 has worked for Microsoft Research at their Silicon Valley Campus. He spent much of 2003 to 2005 working closely with the MSN Search product group on the design and implementation of their V1 search engine. His current research interests include large-scale distributed systems and programming models for parallel and distributed computing.


Speaker schedule:


Coming Soon  

Here are the students who plan to give talk in Spring Quarter:

      Kristi Morton

      Prasang Upadhyaya

      Marianne Shaw

      Wolfgang Gatterbauer

      Nodira Khoussainova

      Abhay Jha

      Flavio Pfaffhauser