CSE 591DM: Database Group Meeting

Spring 2007

Magdalena Balazinska
Dan Suciu

Fridays 3:00 - 4:00pm,
CSE 605 Database Lab


Patrick Valduriez (INRIA and LINA, France) - Data Currency in Replicated DHTsnothing scheduled
Day Presenter(s)
3/30 Organizational Meeting and Roxana - practice talk for NETDB
4/06 no meeting
4/13 Chris Re - practice talk for ICDE
4/18 (2.00pm Wednesday)
4/27 Phil Bernstein - SIGMOD Keynote
5/04 nothing scheduled
5/11 nothing scheduled
5/18 Dan Suciu - Management of Probabilistic Data: Foundations and Challenges
5/25 Guiping Xu
6/01 Anhai Doan (U. of Wisconsin-Madison)- The Cimple Project on Community Information Management
6/04 (Monday) Deepak Patil (Microsoft) - Real-life data management problems behind running Windows Live

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