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 CSE 590z - Theory Seminar, Winter 2005
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    This seminar meets Tuesdays, 1:30am-2:20pm in MEB 243.
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students should sign up for the theory-students mailing list.

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590z this quarter will consist of a mix of external and internal speakers presenting current research.

Talk Schedule     

Day Speaker(s) Title
Jan 4 Parikshit Gopalan Symmetric Polynomials mod 6 and Simultaneous Communication Protocols
Jan 11 Uri Feige Improved approximation algorithms for minimum-weight vertex separators
Jan 18 MohammadTaghi Hajiaghayi Fast algorithms for hard graph problems: Bidimensionality, minors, and (local) treewidth
Jan 25 SODA 2005 Vancouver No talk
Feb 1 Nati Linial Metric Embedding
Feb 8 Nicole Immorlica Derandomization of Auctions
Feb 15 Jenny Liu
Matt Cary
Rina Panigrahy's Efficient Hashing with Lookups in two Memory Accesses
Feb 22 Student meeting with James Lee
Mar 1 Atri Rudra, Ethan Phelps-Goodman
Mar 8 Neva Cherniavsky, Gidon Shavit


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