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 CSE 590z - Theory Seminar, Spring 2005
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    This seminar meets Tuesdays, 1:30am-2:20pm in EE1 025.
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590z this quarter will consist of a mix of external and internal speakers presenting current research.

Talk Schedule     

Day Speaker(s) Title
Apr 5 Nathan Segerlind Proof Complexity and Lower Bounds for Res(k) Proofs
Apr 12 Frank McSherry A Uniform Approach to PageRank Acceleration
Apr 19 Ning Chen Approximation algorithms for feedback arc set on tournaments, rank aggregation, and related questions by Nir Ailon, Moses Charikar, and Alantha Newman
Apr 26 Vijay Kumar Algorithms for Wavelength Assignment
Apr 30 Northwest Theory Day at UBC
May 3 Ashish Sabharwal
Atri Rudra
Hardness of Undirected Edge-Disjoint Paths by Matthew Andrews and Lisa Zhang
May 10 Jenny Liu
Matt Cary
Matching via Guassian Elimination by Marcin Mucha and Piotr Sankowski
May 17 Neva Cherniavsky
Ioannis Giotis
A Simple Linear-time Algorithm for the k-Means Problem by Amit Kumar, Yogish Sabharwal, and Sandeep Sen
May 24 No seminar due to STOC
May 31 Ethan Phelps-Goodman
Bill Pentney
How Fast is the k-means Method? by Sariel Har-Peled and Bardia Sadri


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