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 CSE 590z and CSE 590zz - Theory Seminars, Spring 2003
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    590z meets Tuesdays, 1:30-2:20pm in EE1 045.
    590zz meets Wednesdays, 2:30-3:20pm in MGH 242.
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The plan for 590z this quarter is to intermix student presentations on the "local-ratio" technique for solving approximation problems and on the (NP-)hardness of approximation problems with talks by outside speakers. The general plan for 590zz this quarter is to go over current theory research by people at UW.

Talk Schedule     

Day Title Speaker(s)
Apr 1 Meeting with Tim Roughgarden in Chateau 101
Apr 2 Coding context-free grammars and practical algorithms for finding context-free grammars for strings Neva Cherniavsky
Apr 8 A survey of sampling & counting problems Alan Frieze
Apr 9 Lattices and the LLL Algorithm Matt Cary
Apr 15 LP primal-dual schema and the local ratio technique Tami Tamir
Apr 16 Theory Night Matt Cary, Bill Pentney, Gidon Shavit
Apr 22 Approximating Min-Sum Set Cover Prasad Tetali
Apr 23 Using Problem Structure for Efficient Clause Learning Ashish Sabharwal
Apr 29 Local Ratio Technique Ioannis Giotis
Apr 30
May 6 Local Ratio Technique
May 7 Jason Hartline
May 13 Hardness of Approximation
May 14 Erik Vee
May 20 Hardness of Approximation
May 21 Bill Pentney
May 27 Hardness of Approximation
May 28 Semi-Matchings for Bipartite Graphs and Load Balancing Nick Harvey
June 3 Hardness of Approximation
June 4 Neva Cherniavsky

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