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 CSE 590z and CSE 590zz - Theory Seminars, Autumn 2003
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    590z meets Tuesdays, 1:30-2:20pm in EE1 045.
    590zz meets Wednesdays, 2:30-3:20pm in EE1 031.
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The plan for 590z this quarter is to have a mix of formal talks by outside speakers and others, and student presentations based on tutorial material from FOCS 2003, the Foundations of Computer Science conference that is being held early October. The plan for 590zz this quarter is to go over current theory research by people at UW and other theory topics of interest.

Talk Schedule     

Day Speaker(s) Title
Sept 30 David Kempe Gossip and Information Flow in Networks
Oct 1 Anna Karlin Introduction to Mechanism Design
Oct 7 Ron Lavi Towards a Characterization of Truthful Combinatorial Auctions
Oct 8 David Kempe Gossip and Information Flow, Part 2
Oct 14 David Wise Paradigms for Programming High-Performance, Block-Recursive Matrix Algorithms
Oct 15 Matt Cary Lattice Basis Reduction
Oct 21 Hadas Shachnai Approximation Algorithms for the Sum Coloring Problem
Oct 22 Erik Vee List Comparison and Rank Aggregation for Databases
Oct 28 Gidon Shavit, Erik Vee Markov Chains and Mixing, Part I
Oct 29 Paul Beame Formula Caching Proof Systems
Nov 4 Assaf Naor The Impossibility of Dimension Reduction in L1
Nov 5 Anna Karlin The Price of Truth
Nov 12 Venkat Guruswami Clustering using Qualitative Information
Nov 18 Dimitris Achlioptas A New Look at the Second Moment Method
Nov 19 Mor Harchol-Balter Task Assignment policies for Server Farms
Nov 25 Alistair Sinclair Phase Transitions, Mixing Times and the Ising Model on Trees
Dec 2 Mike Ringenburg, Matt Cary
Dec 3 Bill Pentney
Dec 9 Dave Richardson, Tian Sang
Dec 10 Gidon Shavit

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