CSE590Y: Tech Policy Seminar (usually Security Seminar)


590Y is technically the computer security seminar in CSE. However, this quarter 590y will not focus on security. Instead, we will focus on a broad range of issues in tech policy. Emily McReynolds, from the UW Tech Policy Lab / UW School of Law, will organize things. We expect that 590Y will be interesting to any computer scientist with an interest in law or policy ... or to any law or policy expert with an interest in technology.

We are expecting an interdisciplinary group of students including some from Computer Science & Engineering, the Information School, and the School of Law. Through technical briefings and white papers, we’ll explore a different topic each week, beginning with an organizational meeting to determine which topics are of the most interest (privacy, robotics, internet of things, big data, open government etc.).

590Y will meet at 2:30pm on Wednesdays, in the Computer Science & Engineering building, room CSE 403.


1/7 - Introduction to Tech Policy topics and selection
1/14 - How Intellectual Privacy Works – Alex & Will
1/21 - Bitcoin – Emily
1/28 - Scraping/TOS/CFAA – Greg & Matt
2/4 - IMSI Catchers – Ian & Peter
2/11 - Drones – Miriam & Kiron
2/18 - Mobile Privacy – Sam
2/25 - Online harassment/revenge porn/CDA 230 – Charlotte & Jeremy
3/4 - Net Neutrality – Anna & Aaron
3/11 - Sharing Economy


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