CSE590Y: Security Seminar

Time/Location: CSE 403 at 2:30pm on Wednesdays

4/1: Organizational
4/8: Zak - "Code Injection Attacks on HTML5-based Mobile Apps: Characterization, Detection and Mitigation" (CCS 2014)
4/15: Sam - "Towards Reliable Storage of 56-bit Secrets in Human Memory" (USENIX Security 2014)
4/22: Ian and Anna - "Mayhem in the Push Clouds: Understanding and Mitigating Security Hazards in Mobile Push-Messaging Services" (CCS 2014)
4/29: Sonja and Nick S. - "A11y Attacks: Exploiting Accessibility in Operating Systems" (CCS 2014)
5/6: Nick R. - "Security Analyses of Click-based Graphical Passwords via Image Point Memorability" (CCS 2014)
5/13: No seminar (CCS deadline)
5/20: No seminar (MobiSys/Oakland)
5/27: Kiron - "SpanDex: Secure Password Tracking for Android (USENIX Security 2014)
6/3: Hossein - "Effective Attacks and Provable Defenses for Website Fingerprinting" (USENIX Security 2014)

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