CSE590W: Accessibility Research Seminar


Who can attend? CREATE members and students at any level who are excited about disability and accessibility Those who can't register directly for the course should reach out to Kelly or Venkatesh.

Seminar Expectations

Please remember to help us create an inclusive, respectful, and accessible environment for all participants. This means many things but some examples are: taking turns when speaking; introducing yourself and helping to improve caption accuracy by speaking clearly and slowly; keeping your video on if possible to make lip reading easier; remembering to do the reading if any is required, listen and avoid assuming you know what others experience; do the work to teach yourself and learn together; check in regularly; and let others speak before speaking again.

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Seminar Format

This quarter, we are having CREATE members present a paper that they found interesting, followed by breakout group discussions guided by the questions seminar attendies had about the paper.


3/28/22: Overview

Intro to seminar expectations, grading for credits, and sign ups to present this quarter

4/4/22: Anticipate and Adjust: Cultivating Access in Human-CenteredMethods

Presentor: Kelly Mack

4/11/22: Assets paper swap

4/18/22: “Accessibility Came by Accident”: Use of Voice-Controlled Intelligent Personal Assistants by People with Disabilities

Presentor: Nayha Auradkar

4/25/22: Towards Understanding Sensory Substitution for Accessible Visualization: An Interview Study

Presentor: Venkatesh Potluri

5/2/22: Canceled -- CHI!

5/9/22: “Person, Shoes, Tree. Is the Person Naked?” What People with Vision Impairments Want in Image Descriptions

Presentor: Simon Sun

5/16/22: Supporting Accessible Data Visualization Through Audio Data Narratives

Presentor: Lotus Zhang

5/23/22: Creat Seminar picnic