CSE590W: Accessibility Research Seminar


Who can attend? Students at any level who are excited about the intersection of disability, race and accessibility Those who can't register directly for the course should reach out to Venkatesh or Kelly.

Seminar Expectations

Please remember to help us create an inclusive, respectful, and accessible environment for all participants. This means many things but some examples are: taking turns when speaking; introducing yourself and helping to improve caption accuracy by speaking clearly and slowly; keeping your video on if possible to make lip reading easier; remembering to do the reading, listen and avoid assuming you know what others experience; do the work to teach yourself and learn together; check in regularly; and let others speak before speaking again.

Community Norms

  • Say your name before speaking
  • Raise your hand or type “hand” in the chat if you have a comment
  • Please turn off your camera if you are going to be walking around-- it is distracting and nauseating for some participants
  • Verbally describe any key visual features, if you are presenting
  • Chat use-- share information that is helpful and topical
    • Venkatesh, Kelly, or the current speaker is responsible for for calling out important information in the chat
    • Chat is also another option for communication (e.g., after raising your hand) if you prefer typing to audio
    • Kelly and Venkatesh will be in charge of emailing out a summary of chat information from the chat
  • We will enable the ability to rename yourself to add pronouns to name
  • Zoom captions will be provided and captioners will be scheduled upon request.
  • Begin seminar with a land acknowledgement


April 2, 2021: Overview

Venkatesh and Kelly: We will discuss some of the planned activities for the quarter and create group norms.

April 9: ASSETS Paper Swap

Sign up to give a 2-5 minute pitch about your ASSETS paper and/or sign up to receive feedback on your ASSETS draft.

April 16: UW-IT Accessible Technology Services Guest Talk

Terrill Thompson, Hadi Rangin, and Dan Comden will come and talk about how accessibility is accomplished in UW-IT.

April 23: Paper Show and Tell

Bring an accessibility themed paper and share a 5 minute summary of it with the group.

April 30: Jen: CREATE 101

Jen will come and speak about CREATE's goals, projects, and opportunities

May 7: Accessibility + Security


May 14: Post-CHI Debrief

May 21: Industry Pannel

Danielle Bragg (Microsoft Research), Molly Bloom (Adobe), and Stacey Seronick (IBM) will come and share about their experiences doing accessibility work in industry positions.

May 28: Maru Cabrera


    Maria E. Cabrera, Tapomayukh Bhattacharjee, Kavi Dey, Maya Cakmak. An Exploration of Accessible Remote Tele-operation for Assistive Mobile Manipulators in the Home.

June 4: Reflect and plan.