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 CSE 590W / CSE490W- Computers and Disabilities, Autumn 2010
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Computers are playing an ever more important role in assistive technology for a wide range of disabilities. In this seminar, we will explore the state of the art and current research in computer-based assistive technology for blindness, deafness, cognitive impairment, and other disabilities.

The seminar will include a mix of lectures, invited speakers, readings and discussion. The goal of the seminar this quarter is to get students familiar with disability studies issues in technology and to review some top papers in access technology from recent conferences.

First meeting is on September 29, 2010.

Organizer: Richard Ladner


No particular background is required. Non-computer science majors and undergraduates may (and are encouraged) to attend with permission of the instructors.

Be sure to sign up for the mailing list (below) to be kept informed about any room/time changes.

Project requirement (for undergraduates only)

If you are an undergraduate student, you will need to satisfy the following project requirement in order to receive your 1 credit.

Each student will choose a topic to investigate, and write a short 4 page paper and give a 30 minute presentation at the end of the quarter. Final presentations will be at Final Exam period.

Seminar format

Presentations are generally 30 minutes followed by 20 mintues of discussion.

This quarter 5 talks will be held at UW and 4 at Microsoft Research. The seminar will be on Wednesdays at 10:30. A van will leave for Microsoft Research at 10:00. A doodle will be set up for signing up for the van so that we get the right size one.

Mailing list

Subscribe to the seminar mailing list and also check out the archive for past postings.

List of speakers, topics and readings:

Date Topics Speaker
CSE 128
VizWiz::LocateIt - Enabling Blind People to Locate Objects in Their Environment. VizWiz::LocateIt - Enabling Blind People to Locate Objects in their Environment , VizWiz: Nearly Real-time Answers to Visual Questions Chandrika Jayant
10/6 No Meeting
MSR 1927
The Goals and Complexities of Designing Inclusive, Cutting-Edge, Technology Solutions Abstract and References Annuska Perkins
CSE 303
In the Shadow of Misperception: Assistive Technology Use and Social Interactions. Paper will be passed out at the seminar. Kristen Shinohara
10/27 No Meeting
MSR 1927
Tongue Interfaces. Optically Sensing Tongue Gestures for Computer Input Scott Saponas
CSE 303
Enhancing Independence and Safety for Blind and Deaf-Blind Public Transit Riders. Wining paper from the ASSETS 2010 Student Research Competition Shiri Azenkot
MSR 1927
Inclusive Design. Abstract Wendy Chisholm
Overview of MobileAccessibility: Bridge to the World for Blind, Low-Vision, and Deaf-Blind People Richard Ladner
MSR 1027
Touch Screen Access for People with Visually Impairments Shaun Kane
CSE 303
Incentivizing the ASL-STEM Forum: Strengthening the Deaf Scientific Community Network Kyle Rector

Additional Resources

Relevant academic conferences and resources:

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