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Lecture (1/6/03) : Draft of notes (Introduction to codes: adversarial noise model, minimum distance, singleton bound)

Lecture (1/8/03) : Draft of notes (Coding theory basics (continued), definition of expanders)

Lecture (1/15/03) : Draft of notes (Properties of expanders; the basic expander code and its distance)

Lecture (1/22/03) : Draft of notes   (Needs some polishing, but since I don't want to hack Word from which this ps file was created, this may not happen for a while)    (Topics: Linear-time decoding; Tanner codes; Explicit asymptotically good expander code)

Lecture (1/27/03) : Draft of notes (Iterative decoding of expander codes; expanders for distance amplification [ABNNR]; linear time codes to correct close to fraction 1/2 of errors)

Lecture (1/29/03) : Draft of notes (Near-optimal linear-time decodable codes; Binary codes via concatenation; Expander codes summary; Cayley graphs; expanders from codes)

Lecture (2/3/03) :  Draft of notes (Log-degree expanders from codes wrap-up; An explicit construction of Ramanujan graphs [LPS], no proofs; Zig-zag product and an "elementary" recursive construction of expanders)

Lecture (2/5/03) :  Draft of notes (Analysis of zig-zag product; Introduction to extractors -- weak random sources, min-entropy)

Lecture (2/10/03) :  Draft of notes (Existence of good extractors; Extractors viewed as expanders; Yao's next-bit-predictor lemma; Extractors from codes -- a generic schema)

Lecture (2/12/03) :  Draft of Notes (The "Reconstruction" Paradigm; Error-correcting prediction steps; List decoding basics; Johnson bound and a weaker bound for RS codes; The [TZS] extractor; q-ary extractors; Conversion to binary extractors by concatenation)

Lecture (2/19/03) :  (Analysis of the bivariate polynomial based extractor; extractors for entropy bigger than sqrt{n})

Lecture (2/24/03) :  (Equivalence of strong extractors and list-decodable codes; Expanders which beat eigenvalue bound --- high min-entropy extractors, zig-zag product for extractors; concluding thoughts)

Lecture (2/26/03) :  Ashish Sabharwal on LT Codes. [Powerpoint Slides]

Lecture (3/3/3) :      Jed Liu and Tian Sang on Linear time encodable codes. [Slides: File 1  File 2]

Lecture (3/5/03) :    Nilesh Dalvi and Sumit Sanghai on the Trevisan Extractor and Extractor Codes from it.

Lecture (3/10/03) :  Gidon Shavit and Ian Simon on the Shaltiel-Umans extractor and PRG construction. [Slides: File 1  File 2]

Lecture (3/12/03) :  Matt Cary and Mukund Narasimhan on Randomness Conductors and Lossless Expanders. [Slides: File 1  File 2]