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 CSE 590VG: Codes and Pseudorandom Objects, Winter 2003
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Problem Set 1


Needless to say, we will not have a textbook for this course. Some of the following books might be useful (you can borrow and refer to them if needed, they are by no means required for the course). For coding theory basics, I also recommend browsing the notes/slides of the first few lectures (numbers 1, 4, 5 should suffice) of Madhu Sudan's recent course at MIT. When we discuss expander codes, notes for Lectures 16, 17 and 19 on that page will also be useful. In general, it is a good page to bookmark. Here are also some useful notes on algebra, by Madhu Sudan.

The main topics discussed in lectures will be subsets from a subset of the following papers. 

Note: These links point to actual location of papers at authors' webpages and the papers are not reposted locally.

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