CSE 590V: Computer vision seminar (Spring 2012)

Seminar description

CSE 590V is a seminar focused on recent work in computer vision/graphics from Seattle-area affiliates. The goal is to have Seattle-area researchers present their latest work in an internal seminar setting, with the aim of fostering potential collaborations within the UW vision/graphics community. The seminar is open to everyone. We especially encourage first year graduate students who may be considering research in computer vision or related areas to participate.


Time: Wednesdays from 3:30pm-4:30pm

Location: CSE 403

Organizers: Bryan Russell (bcr @ cs washington edu) and Steve Seitz (seitz @ cs washington edu)

Class mailing list: cse590v @ cs washington edu (subscribe here)


March 28th Bryan Russell, UW
April 4th No talk
April 11th Dan Goldman (Adobe)
April 18th Rick Szeliski (Microsoft)
April 25th Xiaofeng Ren (Intel)
May 2nd Yasutaka Furukawa (Google)
May 9th Michael Cohen (Microsoft)
May 16th Piotr Dollar (Microsoft)
May 23rd Aseem Agarwala (Adobe)
May 30th Eli Shechtman (Adobe)
June 6th Larry Zitnick (Microsoft)
June 13th Sameer Agarwal (Google)