CSE 590u Ubiquitous Computing Seminar (Winter '23)


This quarter we will have 3 different crash courses into useful skillsets that are used in ubiquitious computing research. Each crash course will last 2 weeks and will be led by 2 students. Please see the schedule for details on the topic of the crash courses.

Tips for Presenters

Since UbiComp is a highly interdisciplinary field, everyone in seminar has a different technical background. Tailor your presentation for an audience with a general computing background, but don't assume knowledge in specific topics like signal processing, FPGAs, machine learning, RFID etc.


1/9 Organizational Meeting
1/16 MLK Day
1/23 Jason + Joe part 1 – Android Sensors
1/30 Jason + Joe part 2
2/6 Richard + Ishan part 1 – Web App Development
2/13 Richard + Ishan part 2
2/20 President's Day
2/27 Antonio + Tuochao part 1 – Tiny ML + ECG sensor
3/6 Antonio + Tuochao part 2