CSE 590u Ubiquitous Computing Seminar (Autumn '22)


This quarter's theme is on different techniques used in Ubicomp research, such as sensing, fabrication, and machine learning. We're pairing undergrads/junior grad students with senior grad students to give a presentation on each topic. Please take a look at the planning document in this Google Drive.

Tips for Presenters

Since UbiComp is a highly interdisciplinary field, everyone in seminar has a different technical background. Tailor your presentation for an audience with a general computing background, but don't assume knowledge in specific topics like signal processing, FPGAs, machine learning, RFID etc..

Please save about 20 minutes for discussion after your presentation.


10/3 Organizational Meeting
10/10 How to read papers
10/17 On-Body Sensing - (Antonio and Jason)
10/24 Computational Materials in UbiComp - (Zhihan and Joe)
10/31 Machine Learning - (Soloman and Jason)
11/7 Low-Power Computing - (Zachery and Manuja)
11/14 HCI - (Eric and Richard)
11/21 Wireless Communication - (Girish and Shirley)
11/28 In-the-Infrastructure Sensing - (Eashver and Joe)
12/5 Fabrication - (Jerry and Ishan)